The Issue

At the May 17, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting, Chancellor Bruce Leslie dropped the bombshell revelation that the college presidents, the Chancellor, and the Board have been awarding tenure to faculty members without the benefit of a tenure policy since 1999. According to Nancy Kempf, Public Information Act Officer for Alamo Colleges, Policy DGC (Local) and DMB (Local) were both repealed by the Board of Trustees when the Alamo Colleges adopted the new policy system in April 2009. This years-long oversight launched a full scale review of the granting of tenure. The Board of Trustees formed a tenure review committee and requested a report on tenure from the Chancellor. Faculty were given the opportunity to defend tenure via a report and a short presentation  to the Board. The issue has been put on hold by the Board’s tenure review committee.

Our Position

We fully support the continued granting of tenure to full-time faculty. Tenure is a crucial component in maintaining shared governance within the college environment.


  1. Alamo Colleges Super Senate Tenure Report
  2. Public Information Act request for documentation which proves that the faculty tenure procedure (DCG Local, dated August 1, 1991, signed by Chancellor Ivory Nelson) and policy (DGC Local, adopted October 17, 1989 and DMB Local, issued December 7, 1987) have expired: Tenure-Repealed-Manuals
  3. Post-Tenure Review: An AAUP Response
  4. Parents: Your Children Need Professors with Tenure
  5. Faculty Gird for Battle on Tenure
  6. Faculty defend tenure policy at Alamo Colleges as Trustees consider overhaul
  7. Board to fix tenure “problem”
  8. Board grants tenure to 49 faculty despite lack of definition

What do you think?

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