One of the organizations SAC AAUP works very closely with is the ACCD FLAA.

The Alamo Community College District Faculty Legal Action Association was incorporated in November 1986. The purpose was to have a vehicle to protect faculty rights and have the ability to use legal counsel about faculty issues and concerns. The precipitating event was a threat to end pro-rata pay for summer work.

The FLAA’s legal counsel is Jay Brim from Brim, Arnett, Robinett & Conners, P.C.

Current officers are:

Gerald Busald, President
Linda Lowman, Vice-President
Thomas Knox, Treasurer
Viviane Marioneaux, Secretary
Alex Bernal, Board Member
Tony Bower, Board Member
Dawn Elmore, Board Member

Admission and Membership – contact Gerald Busald if you wish to join:

An applicant shall be admitted to membership only upon making application and being elected by the Board of Directors, which shall admit only those persons who have met the following qualifications:

1. Hold current full-time faculty status in a college of the Alamo Community College District, and
2. Have paid at the time of application for membership, a total initiation fee of $100, or have paid at the time of application for membership a $50 installment on their initiation fee, and shall have paid a second and final installment on that fee in the amount of $50 not later than the date of the next year’s annual meeting.
3. Have paid in each subsequent year to the initial two years of membership an annual dues in an amount, manner and time as set by the Board of Directors and ratified by the membership. Membership status shall expire if annual dues have not been paid within sixty days of the day such dues were ratified by the membership.
4. Retired full-time faculty members of the Alamo Community College District shall be eligible for associate membership when they have met this requirements of this article except that the initiation fee shall be $25. The associate membership annual dues will be set by the Board of Directors, and such associate members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of other members.
5. In the event that membership shall expire under provisions of 3. above, membership may be reinstated by paying the current year’s dues assessment.


  1. I tried to email you yesterday to join FLAA. I’m an associate professor in music at Vista.

    My current concern is that–amid the hubbub–the administration has–silently–already changed the number of credits in some of the concentrations within the GPS advising system. This, while discipline coordinators across the district are simultaneously meeting, as mandated by district administration, to formulate a consensus proposal.

    This unceremonious unilateral act is a real case of dirty pool, at best, and may well have legal ramifications. In my view, we need to seek legal ASAP to find out where the boundaries are.

    Thank you!

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